Being too relaxed about your car maintenance schedule can breed automotive disaster. People of all walks of life are busier today than ever before, and the onslaught of media and technology can sometimes hinder your ability to keep a schedule of any type. While we completely understand the need to unwind with a weekend of Netflix and chill from time to time, we seem to forget way too often about keeping our responsibilities in check ahead of time.

Are Toyotas known to take the wear and tear while the wheels keep moving? Yes – that’s why they are a valuable vehicle purchase. But ignoring must-do maintenance, such as a Toyota brake repair, is bad for your vehicle and dangerous for you. Here are three easy ways to stay on top of maintenance in Houston.

Use Your Tech to its Potential to Maintain a Car Maintenance Schedule


guy-using-smart-phone-to-keep-car-maintenance-scheduleStep one to keeping your car in mint condition, is to keep and follow a car maintenance schedule. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2015, close to 67 percent of Americans owned a smartphone. Smartphones feature scheduling apps and calendars, making it easy to leave yourself a trail of notes about required Toyota maintenance.

As soon as you purchase a Toyota – or now, if you already have one – take some time to record important maintenance milestones in your phone and set the phone to alert you a few weeks before these milestones are due.

That gives you time to make an appointment or plan for any related expense. You can even download the Toyota Owners app to connect with your nearest dealer and monitor service and warranty information. What’s most important is that you pre-plan your car maintenance schedule and don’t just “react” any time your car has a problem. Ultimately, “reactive” behavior is going to cost you more money, time, and hassle.

If you’re in the third of the population that hasn’t embraced smartphones, you probably still use a computer and email. You can couple functionality from applications such as Google calendar and gMail to send yourself email reminders about vehicle service. And if you completely eschew technology, there’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned calendar on the wall for creating notes about your vehicle’s needs.


Team Up with a Houston Dealer for Maintenance

Toyota Services in HoustonAnother way to ensure your vehicle receives timely maintenance and care is to team up with a dealer in the area.

Dealers with service departments know exactly what maintenance is required and when, and they will often include you on a mailing or email list with the purpose of sending you reminders about required service.

Using the same providers in Houston for all your service needs helps you build a relationship with service advisors and technicians, which means your Toyota is handled by people who understand your needs and driving habits. They are more likely to recommend the right service and products for you, from tires to routine parts.


Don’t Wait on Important Jobs, such as Toyota Brake Repair

Toyota-Maintenance-Oil-Change-ScheduleFinally, know that some jobs can’t be put on a calendar and they shouldn’t wait until a more convenient time. If you’re hearing odd noise when you brake – or your brakes or sticking or otherwise malfunctioning – then it’s probably time for an immediate Toyota brake repair.

The same is true for any part of your vehicle. No matter how reliable Toyotas are known to be, driving around with an obvious malfunctioning part puts you and your car at risk.

Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance or you feel a part is damaged on your vehicle, take time now to call or email your Houston dealer to schedule assistance. You’ll feel better driving a vehicle that checks out with a thumbs up from an experienced technician.